Cities and Counties Share Keys to Virtual Desktop Success

City and county governments are benefiting from virtual desktops.
Learn how you can, too, from the IT administrators who are managing the transformation.


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participant_headshot_davidburlingame David Burlingame

Systems Administrator

County of Tulare, CA

participant_headshot_zachserine Zach SeRine

Network Administrator

County of Hamilton, IN

participant_headshot_ericscott Eric Scott

Information Systems Manager

City of Lewiston, ID

participant_headshot_bradsoper Brad Soper

Network Specialist

City of Kent, WA

In this roundtable webinar, 4 IT administrators from cities and counties across the U.S. will discuss and answer your VDI questions live. 

  • Why they are implementing VDI
  • How they’re selling VDI internally
  • What benefits they’re seeing
  • What technology choices they made
  • What lessons they learned
  • How VDI has impacted IT and the delivery of vital government services

Take advantage of their experience - register now with the topics and questions you want them to discuss.