Webinar: Awesome VDI, Miniscule Storage: Construction Firm Tells How

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Jim Nonn
Jim Nonn
Egan Company

Who says you need gobs of storage to give virtual desktops to high-end knowledge workers? This Minneapolis/St. Paul construction and contracting services firm is now 200 persistent desktops into its 1,000+ user rollout.

How is Egan Company deploying VDI at less than 4GB per desktop, and keeping management ultra-simple?

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Unidesk makes VDI simple, powerful, and more enjoyable
Any application can be packaged and delivered as a layer - even applications that cannot be virtualized.
Applications are delivered independent of the OS, leaving one pristine gold image to patch and update for all desktops.
Give users full customization - including user-installed apps - without blowing the storage budget or relinquishing control.
OS and app layers are shared, enabling persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops on a tiny storage footprint.