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Webinar: Healthcare IT Managers Discuss Desktop Virtualization

Desktop virtualization is helping to improve provider productivity and enhance patient care. Learn how from North American healthcare organizations who are successfully implementing VDI. 


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In this roundtable webinar moderated by healthcare consultant, Epic expert, and acting CTO at Lancaster General Health System Mike Feld, IT managers from four leading healthcare providers will discuss the impact of desktop virtualization on IT efficiency, clinician productivity, and patient care, and answer your live questions. Learn:

  • How to accelerate clinician access to patient information
  • How to simplify delivery of EMR and other key apps
  • How to better safeguard health records
  • What technologies to consider for VDI
  • What best practices ensure successful VDI adoption
u14.012i_grouphealthcentre-1   u14.012i_joecruise-1   Joe Cruise
Director, ICT Infrastructure & Technical Support
Group Health Centre
u14.012i_grouphealthcentre-1   u14.012i_chrisperedun-1   Chris Peredun
Systems Administrator
Group Health Centre
u14.012i_penninsularegional-1   u14.012i_ryanogburn-1   Ryan Ogburn
Senior Systems Administrator
Peninsula Regional Medical Center
u14.012i_shannonmedical-1   u14.012i_mikerussell-1   Mike Russell
Assistant Director of IT
Shannon Medical Center
u14.012i_sunrisehealth-1   u14.012i_sherangaJayasinghe-1   Sheranga Jayasinghe
Director of IT
Sunrise Health Region

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