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Webinar: North Bend Medical Center Shares VDI Best Practices

Desktop virtualization is changing the way care providers work at North Bend Medical Center. Learn how this progressive healthcare organization on the Southern Oregon coast is benefiting from its new VDI.


Originally Broadcasted: September 24, 2014 | Available On-Demand
In this webinar, the IT architects behind NBMC’s VDI deployment discuss the impact of desktop virtualization on IT efficiency, provider productivity, and patient care.  They answer your questions and explain how they are getting VDI done on-time and on-budget.


  • How SSO accelerates and secures provider access to desktops, clinical apps, and patient information.
  • How desktop layering simplifies Windows image management and EMR updates, while ensuring application interoperability.
  • How to overcome the VDI I/O challenge with flash-optimized storage.
  • How BYOD and other best practices ensure successful VDI adoption.
53bbb6503d543.image   u14.012k_participant_headshot_dougmccloud-1   Doug McLeod
Chief Technology Officer
North Bend Medical Center
53bbb6503d543.image   u14.012k_participant_headshot_joshuarabe-1   Joshua Rabe
Systems Architect
North Bend Medical Center

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