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Webinar: Group Health Centre Becomes More Efficient in VDI with Unidesk, Imprivata, and Tegile

In this presentation, find out how Group Health Centre cured its disease of inefficient VDI management with VDI management delivered by Unidesk, Imprivata, and Tegile.

Originally Broadcast: October 23, 2014 | Available On-Demand

In this recorded webinar, Martin Poirier, ICT Technician, and Chris Peredun, ERP Technical Administrator, explain how they have accelerated desktop access, enhanced personalization, and improved IT efficiency with the help of Unidesk, Imprivata and Tegile. Learn how they can:

  • Deliver any application to any user at any time with new layering technology.
  • Provide secure, one-click access with single sign-on and authentication management.
  • Satisfy physician and staff needs for high performance desktops with hybrid storage.
u14.012i_grouphealthcentre-1   martin_headshot-1   Martin Poirier
ICT Technician
Group Health Centre
u14.012i_grouphealthcentre-1   u14.012i_chrisperedun-2   Chris Peredun
ERP Technical Administrator
Group Health Centre

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