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Webinar: Roundtable Discussion on VDI in the Southeast United States

What do a town, a community college, a car dealership, and a school system have in common? They all use virtual desktops. Learn how in this webinar.


Originally Broadcasted: May 27, 2015 | Available On-Demand

In this roundtable webinar, four IT managers will share the results of their virtual desktop initiatives, discuss their key technology enablers, offer advice for transforming end user computing, and answer your questions.


• How to offer persistent desktops that can be fully customized, with Image managed with 1 Windows image.
• How to deliver and update all apps and plug-ins in minutes with new layering technology. 
• How to make end users happy with desktops in the cloud using BYOD and other best practices.



Kelly McDermott
Lead Systems Engineer
American Kennel Club

Jeremy Tyson

Jeremy Tyson
Senior Systems Architect
Pike County Schools

jason stricklandMatt Kramer

Jason Strickland
Director of IT
Southeastern Community College 

brad daughertyMatt Kramer

Brad Daugherty
Systems Administrator
Town of Cary, NC

Unidesk Webinar