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Microsoft VDI and Unidesk Demo: The Better, Simpler and More Cost-Effective Way To Do VDI 

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Watch How Unidesk Makes Deploying Virtual Desktops with Microsoft VDI Simple and Scalable

Unidesk Chief Solution Architect Ron Oglesby will demo:

  • How native Windows Server technologies such as Hyper-V, RDS, and RDP/RemoteFX have advanced to the point where they are now on par with third party desktop virtualization solutions.
  • How Unidesk adds enterprise-class application layering, image management, personalization, and RDS collection management capabilities that make Microsoft VDI simpler and more flexible than traditional VDI - at half the cost.

Microsoft Approved.

Unidesk is Microsoft’s partner for bringing application mobility to Windows customers. By extending the native capabilities of Windows Server and Azure, we make Microsoft virtual desktops and remote desktop session hosts on premises and remote apps in the Azure cloud easy to deploy, scale, and manage.

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Unidesk Webinar