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logo_saintnorbert headshot_downard Rob Downard
Director of Infrastructure Services
St. Norbert College
logo_uniwisconsinosh headshot_deuscher Greg Duescher
Systems Administrator
University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
logo_tenntech headshot_ey Jeremy Ey
Systems Administrator
Tennessee Tech University
logo_williamwoods headshot_goodson Steven Goodson
Network Administrator
William Woods University
logo_mercer headshot_milam Shane Milam
Executive Director
Technology Infrastructure
Mercer University

Together, these universities have more than 2,500 virtual desktops in production.
Hear how:

  • VDI and BYOD have extended learning outside the four walls of the classroom
  • Remote labs are now updated with new apps in minutes
  • New infrastructure approaches have minimized SAN and server complexity
  • Faculty, staff and lab desktops are created with one image and minimal storage
  • Less time is spent managing Windows desktops, and more on strategic IT projects
  • Budget for VDI projects was cost-justified

Unidesk makes VDI simple, powerful, and more enjoyable
Any application can be packaged and delivered as a layer - even applications that cannot be virtualized.
Applications are delivered independent of the OS, leaving one pristine gold image to patch and update for all desktops.
Give users full customization - including user-installed apps - without blowing the storage budget or relinquishing control.
OS and app layers are shared, enabling persistent or non-persistent virtual desktops on a tiny storage footprint.